Overture Website Online Activity Statement

Due to the expansion of Overture's business, we have a lot of promotion and commercial activities for different customer groups. To avoid confusing  customers, we made this statement to introduce the activities and related policies and support.



  1. Bulk discount

The Bulk discount will be automatically applied to your order when item quantity on your order meets certain requirements.

This Bulk discount cannot be combined with other activities in the store.

This Bulk discount will not be fixed and will vary depending on the situation.

Business customers need to click “BUSINESS CONTACT” on the page to get a quotation.

The Bulk discount has time limit. If the quote or discount code you obtained has expired, Overture will not extend the time. .


  1. Points Redeem

  You’ll get Overpeas, as bonus points earned on every order or from sharing activities, which can be redeemed for the coupons. The coupons are only allowed to be used by yourself, but it cannot be applied when your order reaches the quantity requirements of the bulk discount.

  This redemption of points cannot be combined with other promotion events in the store.

  The redemption of the points will not be fixed and will change according to the situation.

  The points have an expiration date, and the points will be emptied every six months, please use them properly.

  The points cannot be transferred to others.

  The coupons redeemed by the points cannot be transferred to others.

  The points will be cleared every six months, please pay attention to the notice



 We will continuously re-design and improve our promotion activities to bring a better experience to our customers. We hope that everyone can get a better customer experience at Overture. If you have any problems and suggestions, please contact Service@Overture3d.com. We will promptly reply to your inquiries. This statement is the initial version and may be revised later. Overture reserves the right to revise or modify the Statement and has the discretion to explain this Statement.





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