Overture Partnership Plan

Overture Partnership Plan

Overture has officially launched a cooperation plan, and we are currently looking for partners who are good at printing and producing videos (preferably with their own channels)

What do we need?

1. Good at 3D printing, skilled in 3D printing ,preferably able to create own model .
2.Can produce videos and have their own channels to share their works, constantly update your channels with new creations(Such update weekly.ect.)

What will you get?

1. Filaments sponsored by Overture for free to print works(for display only)
2. Give priority to experiencing upcoming new products from Overture (feedback needs to be submitted)
3. Video and photo creations will be displayed on various media and websites by Overture

Why choose to trust Overture?

With over 10 years of experience in the 3D printing industry, we have consistently ranked among Amazon's top 10 3D printing categories. We focus on brand and customer experience, and our products are being delivered worldwide (North America, Europe, Japan, and the United Kingdom)

If you are interested, and want to have a long term cooperation with Overture,  Click here and fill the form to apply 





We respect all works, creativity, and ideas. Please be aware of the following terms for participating in this event

1. Please avoid any copyright issues related to music, models, creativity, etc. when making creations. If any disputes arise in the future due to copyright reason, Overture will not take any responsibility and will eliminate your work on the website as required

2. Overture will share your work with various media, and through Overture's account, the work will be labeled with the author's source. If you do not wish Overture to do so, please inform us in advance

By participating in this cooperation, you have read this statement and agree to the terms.

Overture looks forward to collaborating with everyone!

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