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Overture PC Professional 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm

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Excellent mechanical properties

The Overture PC Professional Filament is a professional-grade 3D printing material, designed to deliver superior printability and practical performance. Its specialized toughening agent prevents warping and cracking, ensuring a smooth and accurate end product.

With excellent toughening properties obtained by using nanomaterial technology


Less Warping

By finely adjusting the glass transition temperature , the material is more suitable for 3D printing.113°C.There is more time to release the internal stress of the material, thereby reducing the possibility of warping


Recommended Printing Conditions

Nozzle Temp: 250 - 270 (℃)

Build Plate Temp: 90 - 105 (℃)

Cooling Fan: OFF 

Printing Speed: 30-50(mm/s)

Raft Sparation distance: 0.2(mm)

Retraction Distance: 1(mm)

Retraction Speed: 20(mm/s)



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Filaments Diameter 

1.75 mm +/- 0.03mm

Care Instructions

Keep In Dry