OverPeas Gain And Redeem

OverPeas Gain and Redeem

Overture3D Points Program! Please refer to the following text

Click here to open our point plan

Every time in the lower left corner of the website, you can find

Check your points after login



1. Gain Overpeas:

Register to get 500 points (Only once)
You will get points at the time of purchase, and you will get 10 points for every dollar spent
Share to Twitter and get 200 points (Once per month)
Share to Facebook and get 200 points(Once per month)
Set your birthday to get 800 points

Click ways to earn to see more


2. Overpea Redemption

Every 1000 points can be exchanged for  $1 coupon

Click ways to review to see more

3. Share Link

When your friend places an order through the link you share, you will get a coupon of $5! The recommended friend can also get a $5 coupon, and both parties can only get one coupon

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