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OVERTURE Turbo PLA Filament 1.75mm Rapid PLA 3D Printer Filament-2 Pack

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  • [High-Speed Printing] Turbo PLA/High speed PLA/Rapid PLA/Hyper PLA, capable of printing at speeds of up to 600mm/s with a maximum volumetric flow of 40mm^3/s, is ideal for both regular and high-speed 3D printers. Our advanced formulation ensures reliable extrusion and consistent flow, minimizing the risk of nozzle clogging and print failures, even at high speeds
  • [Consistent Finish] Turbo PLA guarantees a uniform finish, unaffected by changes in printing speed, ensuring consistent quality throughout the printing process. Turbo PLA's quick cooling properties optimize overhang performance, reducing drooping or sagging for cleaner prints
  • [Dimensional Accuracy & Consistency] Utilizing CCD cameras and closed-loop controls, we continuously monitor and adjust the extrusion process in real-time. OVERTURE PLA advanced technology and meticulous control measures guarantee a filament diameter of 1.75mm with a tolerance of +/- 0.02mm
  • [Less Tangle & Hassle] Our meticulous winding and manual inspection guarantees a tidy, tangle-free filament. Featuring a larger inside diameter, our spools minimize friction for smoother feeding, ensuring a hassle-free printing experience
  • [Risk-Free & Lifetime Guarantee] Discover worry-free 3D printing with Overture filament—backed by our lifetime satisfaction guarantee. No matter the challenges, we're here to support you for a seamless 3D printing experience. Trust Overture as your dependable supplier of 3D printing filaments and accessories


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Filaments Diameter 

1.75 mm +/- 0.03mm

Care Instructions

Keep In Dry