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Overture PETG 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm

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【Clog Free & Bubble Free】Designed and manufactured with clog-free patent to guarantee a smooth and stable printing experience with these PETG. Complete drying for 24 hours before packaging and vacuum sealed
【Less Tangle & Less Hassle】Full mechanical winding and strict manual examination, to make sure the line tidy and less-tangle, so as to avoid possible snap and line breaking; Larger spool inner diameter design makes feeding smoother,Overture PETG filament is prepared to bring you high quality 3D Printing experience
【Wide Compatibility and Color Selection】Overture Filaments are reliable for most common 3D printers.Constantly creating beautiful and creative colors with innovation aimed,making your 3D printing easy and amusing, and making creation no longer difficult.
【Dimensional Accuracy & Consistency】 -- Advanced CCD diameter measuring and self-adaptive control system in the manufacturing guarantee these PETG filaments of 1.75 mm diameter, dimensional accuracy 99% Probability + / - 0.02 mm; 2 kg spool (4.4lbs)
【Advanced Quality & High Property】
Overture PETG Filament Combines the advantages of PLA and ABS. The prints are firm and sturdy, high toughness and good mechanical properties as ABS, also easy to print as PLA.


  • Young’s modulus (X-Y) 1472 ± 270 (MPa)
  • Tensile strength (X-Y) 31.9 ± 1.1 (MPa)
  • Elongation at break (X-Y) 6.8 ± 0.9 (%)
  • Bending modulus 1174 ± 64 (MPa)
  • Bending strength 53.7 ± 2.4 (MPa)
  • Charpy impact strength 5.1 ± 0.3 (kJ/m2)


Why can't the filaments stick to the build bed?

1. Check the temperature setting before printing, PETG filaments have higher extrusion temperature than that of PLA;

2. Check if the plate surface has been used for a long time, it is recommended to replace it with our new one to ensure a strong first layer adhesion;

3. If the first layer has poor adhesion, it is recommended to re-level the print substrate to reduce the distance between the nozzle and the surface plate;

4. If the effect is not good, it is recommended to try printing the draft before printing.


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    Filaments Diameter 

    1.75 mm +/- 0.03mm

    Care Instructions

    Keep In Dry